Willman Interiors


When we enter the design process with you, every idea you offer, every wish you voice, feeds our intuitions until we discover the combinations that will truly energize, please, and comfort you.

When the soul of a room reflects the soul of its inhabitants, you know client vision and professional skill have melded in a collaboration of harmony. We believe this magic begins with deep listening and comes together with exceptional design talent. Timeless design principles and reliable business practices provide the framework for our approach to design.

We listen. Listening is more than merely hearing a description of what you want. Listening involves a regard for what you bring to the process – your experience with spaces you’ve loved; your desires for how you wish your life to unfold. All of that can be mirrored in the details of your home.

We communicate. Our team brings professionalism and good communication practices to the process. We aim to make every exchange a satisfying one, one that moves the process along and leaves the client feeling assured and confident in how their project is unfolding.

We create. There are no cookie-cutter concepts in anything we do, each project is customized and imaginative. Combining artisan touches and stylish contemporary detail, we do what we do best: put elements together in ways that are fresh, gratifying, and reflective of our client’s tastes.

~ Gina Willman